Who we are

UNDA Property Management is a cutting-edge Fintech real estate firm that leverages technology to transform the residential property sector. Our mission is to address social and economic disparities in the real estate market through financial education. As a Real Estate Agency, we aspire to transition renters and first-time purchasers into homeowners by providing services such as Property Rental Management, Property Sales, and Tenant Placement.


Our business model is consumer-centric and is geared towards serving the rejected applicants due to their unaffordability based on segmented data. Our tools and consultancy give in-depth consumer analysis and insights about spending habits, pending judgments, payment behaviour patterns, rental history, and true customer affordability.


The relationships that we have formed alongside South African banks and bond originators have enabled us to connect with consumers who have been deferred, financially excluded, or blacklisted. This gives UNDA the opportunity to help our consumers reform, rebuild and gain access to financial freedom through Financial advisory, Debt Counselling, Credit Data Analysis, and Payment planning.

Tech driven

Our Application process integration (API) of technology allows us to tap into consumer insights in real-time and deliver efficient, relevant, and tailored solutions to our consumers. Our Artificial intelligence (AI) Data management tools enable us to pull in-depth consumer reports and predict financial behaviour as a means to assist consumers to build, budget, and maintain their credit status.


  • Asset Management
  • Real Estate Sales and Rent-To-Buy
  • Credit Vetting
  • Real Estate Management
  • Tenant Placement and Rentals
  • Portfolio Management


  • Bond Origination and Home Loans